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Data feeds
Airports & Cities {{pricing.airports.price}}$ per {{pricing.airports.period}}
Countries {{pricing.countries.price}}$ per {{pricing.countries.period}}
Timezones {{pricing.timezones.price}}$ per {{pricing.timezones.period}}
Airlines {{pricing.airlines.price}}$ per {{pricing.airlines.period}}
Taxes {{pricing.taxes.price}}$ per {{pricing.taxes.period}}
Aircrafts {{pricing.aircrafts.price}}$ per {{pricing.aircrafts.period}}
Airplanes {{pricing.airplanes.price}}$ per {{pricing.airplanes.period}}
Routes {{pricing.routes.price}}$ per {{pricing.routes.period}}
Autocomplete {{pricing.autocomplete.price}}$ per {{pricing.autocomplete.period}}
NearBy {{pricing.nearby.price}}$ per {{pricing.nearby.period}}
Flights {{}}$ per {{}}
Timetable {{pricing.timetable.price}}$ per {{pricing.timetable.period}}
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